• ISO 9001:2015

FlashLink® BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Reusable Temperature Data Logger with External Sharp Probe

Modelo 40902

Ideal for facility monitoring, pre-cooling operations, delivery routes and couriers, this wireless monitoring solution provides temperature and location information during storage, processing and transportation of any perishable product. The sharp tip probe can be used to monitor internal product temperature during processing and storage. Data is downloaded from the BLE Logger using a smart phone app with an access code which offers an added level of data security. The mobile device uploads information to a web application where it can be viewed remotely.

Applications include cold storage warehouses, distribution centers, greenhouses, poultry houses, pre-coolers, as well as laboratories, clean rooms, refrigerated vans, trucks and containers. The system sends email or SMS notifications when out-of-range conditions occur. Personnel can see real-time temperature readings in facilities and pre-coolers as well as truck location during transit. This allows them to know when products are compromised by changes in temperature conditions or when deliveries occur, so immediate corrective actions can be taken when there are problems.