• ISO 9001:2015

FlashLink® Prime Universal Perecederos

Modelo 30080
The FlashLink Prime Universal Produce Data Logger is accepted by most receivers and can be used to monitor temperature on all shipments of fresh produce. What sets this model apart from others, is the enhanced service package included when you purchase the logger: FlashLink Prime will have priority same-day shipping for orders received by noon Pacific time, with no additional cost for Fed Ex ground service. Free post trip calibration reports are available to help settle claims or disputes when produce is exposed to adverse temperature conditions during transit. DeltaTrak also provides free access to trip records on ColdTrak Data Central cloud-based service, so users can view temperature history and analytics 24/7. Replacement loggers are also provided at no additional cost.


The FlashLink Prime features preconfigured alarms to alert when temperature has gone above 41°F/5°C or below 33°F/0.5°C, and 60 minutes delay start and alarm delay. It comes in a high-visibility yellow sleeve attached to a locator card, making it easy for receivers to find and download data upon arrival. Since these loggers are universally accepted by most receivers, this means suppliers are able to consolidate their temperature recorders to one model. There is no need to stock various logger brands in the shipping office, making inventory management easy, and eliminating the problem of running out of any one particular brand for a specific receiver. Our patented Shadow Log®. feature guarantees trip information, even if the shipper forgets to start the unit. The loggers are downloaded using free FlashPDF software, and reports are saved in PDF format to email and archive for record keeping and traceability. An optional CT Graphics Printer can provide a paper strip chart when PCs are not available on the receiving dock.



  • Prime Services Include
  • Priority shipping, same day ordered
  • Post trip calibration service
  • Access to trip reports on ColdTrak Data Central cloud-based service
  • Central cloud-based service
  • No charge for replacement loggers
  • Accepted by most receivers
  • Consolidate logger inventory with one brand for all shipments
  • High/Low alarms programmed for produce
  • Mounted on high-visibility locator card
  • Trip history statistics available on LCD
  • Patented Shadow Log feature guarantees data even if the operator fails to start the unit
  • Download data to PC as secure PDF report or print chart using CT Graphics printer