• ISO 9001:2015

FlashLink® Cold Chain USB Logger

Modelo 20996
Designed with the export industry in mind, this logger tracks the temperature of products from the packing shed all the way to their final destination, with the capability of being downloaded to check temperature conditions at each stopping point along a shipping route. Temperature data is especially important to know when products are held at the dock waiting to be loaded onto vessels, and upon arrival at ports of entry when they are held for custom inspections. The logger continues recording after each download, and can be placed back in with the products, to track temperature history all the way to the final delivery destination, such as distribution centers or warehouses.



The FlashLink Cold Chain USB Logger has pre-set alarms with a high limit of 41°F/5°C and a low limit of 33°F/0.5°C, to specifically meet the needs of produce shippers. Anyone can easily retrieve data anywhere in the world, using the direct USB connector to a PC, without the need for special reading devices, cradles or adapters. FlashPDF software is free to download from the DeltaTrak website, and reports are saved in PDF format to email and archive for record keeping and traceability. Future product enhancements will include the ability for both suppliers and receivers to access trip data on ColdTrak Data Central, DeltaTrak’s cloud-based service, giving them 24/7 visibility of temperature conditions. This is a featured product of our FlashLink Connect Global Program.



  • Ideal for export shipments
  • Download to check temperature at each stopping point on shipping route
  • Continues to record data after downloading, until memory is full
  • Logs temperature history all the way to final destination
  • Patented Shadow Log® feature guarantees data even if operator fails to start the unit
  • Trip history statistics available on LCD
  • Direct USB connection, no cradle, reader or adapter needed
  • Download data as PDF report using free FlashPDF software with multi-language options.